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eliminating the pests in your home

Ants, spiders, fleas, mice and silverfish were all problems in my house at one point. When we bought the house, it hadn't been lived in for about three years. Since it was basically abandoned, the pests moved in and made it their homes. The first few months of battling with these pests was the hardest. We had so many different pests to contend with that it was hard to know where to start. With the help of a professional pest control technician, we have taken our home back from those pests and have been living pest free ever since. Find tips on eliminating the pests in your home here on my blog.


Tick-Tock! It’s Time to Understand and Prevent Ticks at Home

18 February 2016
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Scrubbing toilets and washing windows may be priorities when it comes to home maintenance, but focusing on the exterior and surrounding landscaping of your house is also important. While you may not pay much attention to the insects and small pests in your lawn, shrubs, and trees, understanding the dangers of these critters is smart. Considering an estimated 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported each year, preventing ticks from making your yard a home is essential. Read More …

Bee Be Gone: The Suburanite’s Guide To Bee Hive Prevention And Removal

13 December 2015
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There's an old saying to describe particularly industrious folks - they are said to be "as busy as a bee." Aside from the saying's alliterative charm, the saying's message also rings true: bee's are among Mother Nature's busiest little critters. Although farmers and folks with big tracts of land are likely to be accustomed to a beehive or two on their property, suburbanites might find the buzzing of a whole hive of bees distressing. Read More …

Coping With Carpet Beetles

20 October 2015
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Have you noticed that your clothes are a bit torn up? Have you noticed that your carpet has been ripped up a bit at the seams? If so, then you might have a pesky pest on your hands, the carpet beetle. Carpet beetles can range from being fairly innocuous to quite the home wrecker, destroying your house and every product it can get its filthy little insect hands upon. There are ways to deal with carpet beetles, however, and this article will help you cope with them in a sufficient manner. Read More …

Got Bed Bugs? 2 Updated Options to Get Rid of Them Now

3 September 2015
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Bed bugs and their eggs are surprisingly resilient in spite of their small size, which means it takes much more effort to rid your home of them than it does to get rid of other small pests. While resilient, thankfully pest control companies have been mastering their bed bug removal techniques over the years, and they have a couple of great techniques that work well against these tiny intruders. There are also new remedies being researched that you may be able to look forward to in the future in case the tiny bugs ever hitchhike their way back into your home on your clothing or a new-to-you piece of used furniture. Read More …

Five Ways To Treat Bed Bug Bites With Products Around Your Home

2 September 2015
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There has been a resurgence of bed bugs in the last couple of decades. These vampires of the night are becoming a real nuisance in many cities, and unfortunately, if you are not careful, you could bring them home with you. Because most bed bugs are most active at night, one of the first ways most people know they have bed bugs is when they find themselves with unexplained red, itchy bites. Read More …