Best Pest Control Methods For Dealing With Silverfish And Firebrats

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Best Pest Control Methods For Dealing With Silverfish And Firebrats

19 July 2017
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Silverfish and firebrats are also commonly referred to as bristletails and come from the order Thysanura. According to PennState College of Agricultural Sciences Department of Entomology, these tiny pests are responsible for destroying everything from books to cereal to wallpaper. Should you find yourself with a silverfish and firebrats infestation, you'll want to immediately begin implementing the pest control measures outlined below:

Proper Identification

Before you begin taking measures to eliminate bristletails, you'll need to properly identify them. The University of Minnesota Extension states that the insects measure between 1/4 and 1/2 inch in length and have bodies that look like they are in the shape of a carrot. They also have two antennae, no wings, and three attachments on the edges of their abdomens that look like tails. The silverfish are silver in color, while the firebrats are more of a gray-brown. Since these creatures come out at night, you may need to utilize a cockroach sticky trap to catch a few in order to identify them. 

Remove Moisture From Your Home

The first method needed to combat the silverfish and firebrats is moisture control. These insects thrive in moist conditions. The National Pesticide Information Center has a few tips on how homeowners can get rid of the excess moisture in the home to make it less attractive to the bristletails. First, they suggest getting rid of any standing water and checking for leaks and repairing any leaks that you find. Second, they propose turning on all the fans you have in the home, especially in your basement and attic. Finally, the organization recommends setting up a few dehumidifiers. 

Chemical Sprays

To kill the bristletails that have invaded your home requires the use of a chemical spray. The University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources lists the following sprays as effective against silverfish and firebrats: bifenthrin, synergized pyrethrin, tetramethrin, and cyfluthrin. The university says you'll need to use the spray along the baseboards, around the edges of your bookshelves, and in any cracks and crevices, you find around your doors and windows. Always follow the instructions on the product label, or hire a pest control expert to apply the chemical for you. 


The University of Nebraska Lincoln reveals that dust is also a great way to control silverfish and firebrats. This form is best utilized in spaces like your basement and attic, where people and pets are less likely to come into contact with it. The university states that diatomaceous earth, amorphous silica gel, bendiocarb, and boric acid are the best choices within the dust category. Again, you'll need to follow all of the product instructions very carefully, or contact an exterminator to get help with the application.  

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