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Ants, spiders, fleas, mice and silverfish were all problems in my house at one point. When we bought the house, it hadn't been lived in for about three years. Since it was basically abandoned, the pests moved in and made it their homes. The first few months of battling with these pests was the hardest. We had so many different pests to contend with that it was hard to know where to start. With the help of a professional pest control technician, we have taken our home back from those pests and have been living pest free ever since. Find tips on eliminating the pests in your home here on my blog.


Two Important Things You Need To Know About Rats

8 September 2018
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If you're like most homeowners, the last thing you want is a rat infestation in your indoor living space. You probably already know from your history classes that rats were culprits behind the spread of the Black Plague in the Middle Ages, but you may not be aware that rats and mice can potentially pass on over 35 other diseases. There are probably many other things you may not know about rats — after all, they're not exactly everyone's favorite subject of study. Read More …

3 Things That You Shouldn’t Do If You Bring Home Bed Bugs From A Vacation

26 June 2018
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When returning home from a vacation, you might be thinking about things like looking back at your vacation pictures and getting back into the swing of your regular routine. The last thing that you probably want to deal with after a nice trip, however, is a bed bug infestation. However, if you have brought bed bugs home in your luggage from a hotel or somewhere else where you might have stayed or visited on your trip, then this could be what you are facing. Read More …

Pest Preventing Tips

30 May 2018
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Pests can come into your home looking for things like food, water or just a warm place to stay. There are a number of pests that can get into your home, sometimes without you even really noticing until you have an infestation. Insects and rodents of different types may try to get into your home, but you can prevent this from happening by following the tips below. Clean Up Clutter Inside Read More …

Summertime Pest Issues To Avoid

1 May 2018
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With the summer comes that nice warm weather and more sunshine. However, not everything is great about this time of the year, one of the major issues being some of the pests that tend to show up with it. Here are some of the pests that tend to make themselves more prevalent during the warmer months and ways you can go about fending them off: Fleas – You may notice that your pets have no problem with fleas all winter long and this can have you feeling more at ease. Read More …

3 Vital Things To Know About Bed Bug Infestations

13 April 2018
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Have you recently started to get bitten by some sort of tiny pest while at home? Are you wondering what you can do to get rid of this pest so that you can start to live bite-free once again? If you have a cat or a dog, you may simply assume that your furry friend has brought fleas in from outside. Or perhaps you think that a neighborhood pool hasn't been cleaned out recently and has been breeding mosquitos. Read More …