Summertime Pest Issues To Avoid

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Summertime Pest Issues To Avoid

1 May 2018
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With the summer comes that nice warm weather and more sunshine. However, not everything is great about this time of the year, one of the major issues being some of the pests that tend to show up with it. Here are some of the pests that tend to make themselves more prevalent during the warmer months and ways you can go about fending them off:

Fleas – You may notice that your pets have no problem with fleas all winter long and this can have you feeling more at ease. However, as soon as things start to warm up, you should prepare yourself for their arrival again. The best way for you to prevent your pets from getting fleas is to get them on a flea and tick preventative if they aren't already on one year-round. Also, if you tend to notice fleas in your grass, then you should have it treated as well. That way, you won't get bit while you are in the yard and even track them into your home.

Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes also show up in the warmer months, right when you want to go outside and enjoy your yard, they will be out there taunting you and doing their best to chase you back inside. You want to wear a mosquito repellent if you have seen them around your yard. You also want to remove everything that can hold water from your yard including everything from spare tires and recyclables to kids wagons and play shovels. Also, keep the rain gutters cleared out, so water doesn't sit in them where it can become a good home for the mosquitoes.

Scorpions – Scorpions are hardy little beasts who can be hard to get rid of. The best thing you can do if you have seen one outside your home, or even if you haven't yet seen any is to try to prevent them from coming inside the best you can. You should use caulk to fill in every hole or crack you find around your home, no matter how tiny they are. Also, verify your screens are tight and free of rips. Install door seals to keep them from coming in from the bottom of the doors. Wear shoes when you go outside, so you don't end up accidentally stepping on one. Also, be careful and wear gloves when you are weeding or even digging around in boxes in the garage.

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