Keep Bugs Out This Fall: 4 Tips

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Keep Bugs Out This Fall: 4 Tips

23 October 2017
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Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons with an abundance of colors, the cool crisp air and the wonderful sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet, although the downside to fall are the bugs that just seem to appear out of nowhere. Bugs such as ladybugs, stink bugs and boxelder bugs are usually out and about, and probably invading your home looking for some warmer temperatures. Get rid of these bugs and prevent them from getting into your home. See below for 4 tips to help you enjoy fall without the bugs pestering you.

1. Clean Up Your Yard And Garden

If you have a compost pile in your yard, a pile of sticks or yard debris just sitting in your yard, get rid of it. It's a perfect spot for bugs to nest and multiply. Remove this debris from your yard by taking it to a compost site instead. Leaf piles should also be bagged and removed from your yard. Keep your yard trimmed down low, especially around your homes foundation.

If you have a garden, be sure to clean it up by removing plants that are no longer producing and till up the soil. Remove decaying fruits or vegetables that these bugs (or other pests such as raccoons or opossums) may be feeding off of.

2. Remove Standing Water

Standing water around your home can feed a lot of pests, but it can also be a great place for mosquitoes to lay eggs and multiply like crazy. Remove the standing water from buckets, low-lying areas in your yard, bird baths, kid toys and other areas. With it being fall, you can put a lot of these items away for the season until spring.

3. Make Repairs To Your Home

These bugs may be in your yard, but they aren't going to appear in your home unless you have an opening for them to come in. Find these openings, whether it's a screen door that isn't closing all the way, a screen that has a hole in it, or even a hole in your siding or foundation. Make repairs to these areas of your home to keep these and other pests out. If bugs are making their way inside, you never know what other pests may be finding these entrances as well.

4. Kill The Bugs

If you have bugs in your home, get rid of them by killing the ones you see. Don't allow them to live among you. Kill them on the spot using a dish soap, vinegar and water solution, or you can grab them with a tissue and flush the bugs (especially stink bugs that will smell when you squish them).

Bugs are a pain, but even more so when they're in your home or bugging you the minute you step out of your house. Enjoy the gorgeous fall season and don't let the bugs bug you. Call an exterminator, such as from Fowler Pest Control, for help getting rid of these bugs both inside and outside of your home.