Keeping Your RV Ant-Free While On The Road

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Keeping Your RV Ant-Free While On The Road

13 February 2018
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Taking your RV to campgrounds over the summer can be a great way to enjoy the warm weather, but visiting these beautiful outdoor locations can leave your RV susceptible to insect invasions, including ants. If you are concerned about ant problems in your RV, here are a few ant control steps you can take to keep them at bay.

Use Year-Round Ant Traps

Placing ant traps in your RV can help keep these insects away all year long. Place fresh traps under cabinets, behind furniture, and in the corners of the kitchen area before placing your RV into storage each winter, and replace the traps when it's time to take your RV out on the road. Using traps in the winter can prevent colonies from growing and surprising you in the spring and summer months.

Replace Your Screens

You'll likely want to keep the windows open for fresh air when you arrive at the RV park or campground, but be sure to check your screens before doing so. Small holes or tears can provide a path for ants to enter the vehicle. Repair or replace broken screens, and make sure all windows and doors are closing properly. YOu can also purchase screen rooms for your RV that provide an extra barrier against bugs while also expanding your living space at the campground.

Seal Everything Edible

Ants can invade your kitchen, and you may find these pesky invaders inside of cereal box, dog food bowls, and fruit baskets. Take some time before going camping to seal everything edible in your kitchen. Purchase plastic food storage containers to store all of your dry goods and produce in. If you will be bringing a pet with you, consider purchasing raised pet food bowls, and be sure to rinse and clean the bowls after every use.

Hire A Pest Control Company

If you already have an issue with ants in your RV, consider contacting a pest control company. Exterminators service more than just houses, and they can provide essential services for camping enthusiasts. Your pest control expert can spray for ants, identify potential points of entry, and help you create a prevention plan. He or she may even identify other potential issues with your RV, such as signs of a potential mouse infestation.

Be sure to clean your camper thoroughly after every trip, taking care to vacuum up crumbs and remove all food products from the kitchen. The more diligent you are about cleaning, the less likely you will be to leave tempting treats behind for ants.