Surviving The Smell: 4 Ways To Deal With Stink Bugs

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Surviving The Smell: 4 Ways To Deal With Stink Bugs

6 March 2018
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Stink bugs are essentially harmless nuisances, but they can bring an obnoxious odor into your home. They are called stink bugs for a reason, after all. Attempting to kill a stink bug can release the scent, but these insects can also release the odor when they feel threatened. This can make dealing with stink bugs in your home a bit tricky. Here are a few things you can do to keep stink bugs away from your home.

Install Screens

Stink bugs may come into your home in seek of warmth, and they generally crawl their way in through open windows, air vents, and doors. If your windows don't already have screens, be sure to put them in place before opening the windows. You can also add screens to air vents on the exterior of your home to block the path of stink bugs. Check any existing window or door screens to make sure they are in good repair, and make any necessary fixes to close up holes in the screens.

Use Fly Tape

You can place fly tape on the exterior window sills of your home to capture the bugs. Remember that they will emit an odor when they die, so you'll want to replace the tape daily to prevent them from causing a stink right outside of your windows. If you have your windows open, consider checking and replacing the tape more often. You can use fly tape indoors if you have a significant stink bug population, but keep in mind that the odor makes this a less desirable option indoors.

Spray Soapy Water

Soapy water can be an effective way to kill a stray stink bug in your home. This can be done with regular dish soap or hand soap mixed with water. The spray will make it difficult for the insects to move, and soap with fragrances can help to mask any odor the bugs might cause. You can also gently flick the insects into a bucket or cup of soapy water for a fast way to dispatch these insects.

Add Some Shade

You may notice stink bugs gathering on a particular side of your home in the mornings and the opposite side in the evenings before sundown. This is particularly true as the weather starts to turn colder. The bugs are seeking the heat of the sun, and sunbathing on the side of your home can be a great option for them. Unfortunately, they may begin to move inside of your home when the warm sun goes away. Consider adding awnings or shade umbrellas near windows and doors that face north or south to create shade that might make it harder for the bugs to find warmth.

If stink bugs have overtaken your yard or home, contact a pest control service to provide professional treatments that can get rid of the bugs. If you aren't squeamish and you notice a single stink bug in your home, you can avoid killing it by gently urging it onto a tissue and releasing it outdoors. For more information, contact your local pest control services.