Three Things That Attract Cockroaches

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Three Things That Attract Cockroaches

25 March 2018
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Cockroaches are one of the worst pests that you can have in your home, as they can quickly multiply and turn from a single group to a full-blown infestation living in your walls and ceilings. Not only can they carry diseases, they can also cause a great deal of damage to the structure of your home. Cockroaches are usually attracted to your house due to something: understanding what some of the most common things that can attract cockroaches are can help you take steps to limit their exposure, reducing the risk that you will suffer an infestation at any point in the future.

Exposed Food

Cockroaches, just like a great deal of other pests, are easily attracted by uncovered food that you may have left out around your home. This includes leftovers on the counter, but it also means the uncleaned dishes in your sink, the trash in your trashcan, and even your pet's food. The best way to reduce the amount of food exposure there is in your home is to practice general cleaning and hygiene: clean dishes regularly and make sure that you always take the trash outside every few days. Further, make sure that all of your food is stored in lockable containers, and make sure to put your pet's food away when they're not eating.

Paper Products

Huge piles of paper products also prove to be attractive for cockroaches, as the organic compounds in cardboard and newspapers act as a food source for them as well. This means that you should always get rid of your week-old newspapers, as well as any cardboard products that you may have stored for recycling or other purposes.


Finally, cockroaches, just like every other form of life, require water to survive. This means that you need to make sure that there are not any places in your home that have ready access to water or moisture. This means checking areas where plumbing leaks are likely to make sure that everything's working as intended. Pay careful attention to dark areas, which will attract cockroaches as well: basements, underneath your sink, and in crawlspaces are all prime locations for cockroach infestations to start. Signs of a leak include increased water bills, the sound of running water, discoloration or warping and bubbling of wooden surfaces, paint, and wallpaper, and the earthy smell of mold (since a leak in a dark space will cause more problems than just cockroaches). Catching a leak early can not only help you make sure that cockroaches don't take up residence in your home, but will also help reduce the amount of water damage and mold growth that you have to have cleaned up as well.

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