5 Animal Pests That Might Invade Your Garden in Spring

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5 Animal Pests That Might Invade Your Garden in Spring

2 June 2021
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If you're an avid gardener, then spring will be your favorite time of the year. But you aren't the only one that enjoys the fruits of your gardening labor. The warm spring weather brings out a multitude of animals, some of which you might find gravitate to your garden.

Be wary of the following animal pests as you do your gardening this spring. If you find that one or more of these pests are praying on your newly planted veggies and plants, you may need the help of an exterminator.

1. Birds

One of the earliest animal pests to watch out for is birds. Birds will scupper your gardening efforts before most other pests because they target the seeds and seedlings. You can keep birds away by placing netting over your young garden, but ensure that you use netting with holes large enough to allow beneficial pollinators like butterflies and bees to access your plants.

2. Rats

Rats usually attack plants from underground tunnels. If you notice your young plants disappear completely, it could be the work of rats. You can keep rats away by sealing all entry points into your yard, and by identifying and destroying burrows and nests in the ground.

3. Raccoons

Raccoons are agile climbers that prey on fruits and veggies in the middle of the night. This makes them difficult to stop. A good way to scare raccoons away is to use motion sensors that activate jets of water, noises, or lights when triggered.

4. Rabbits

Rabbits tend to eat plants from the top down, leaving just the roots behind. However, if you ensure that your fence is buried at least six inches in the ground, you can usually stop these burrowers from entering your property.

5. Mice

Mice are a species that love to feed on roots and root vegetables like beets, potatoes, and carrots. You can identify their presence by the tunnels they leave in the soil around your plants and vegetables. They don't like strong-smelling vegetables like onions and garlic, which means you can also keep mice away by planting these pungent veggies amongst your other produce.

These pests can leave a garden in ruins if you let them. Your best defense is to make sure you prepare for pests before you start gardening. This will give your garden a better chance of flourishing.

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