Reducing The Spider Population On Your Property

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Reducing The Spider Population On Your Property

6 December 2021
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If you have noticed an abundance of spiders living outside of your home, you may wonder if there are steps you can take to help in reducing their numbers. While spiders are beneficial in keeping smaller insects from overrunning an area, they can too become worrisome if there are more than you would like to have present. Here are some tips that will aid in keeping spiders from taking control of your land.

Take Steps To Reduce Other Insect Populations

Spiders will stay in areas where insects are easy to capture. If there are no food sources available, spiders are less likely to stick around. Since spiders feast upon insects such as flies, beetles, and mosquitoes, taking steps to eliminate these food sources will in turn reduce the spider population from your property. Consider contacting a residential pest control service to treat your lawn for nuisance insects each year. They not only have treatments available for standard insects but can also apply pesticides that eliminate spiders if they are causing you distress. In addition to professional services, use dim illumination sources so insects are not attracted to your home or surrounding land. 

Take Time To Assess Your Property Often

To keep on top of spider numbers, proactively check your property for their presence on a constant basis. Taking time to evaluate your property will help you decide whether additional steps need to be taken for spider control. If you notice webs upon lawn furnishings, plants, or your home itself, use a broom to knock them away. Spiders will then need to start over at constructing homes and food trapping areas. If they continuously need to start over, they will likely move their locations instead of needing to spend time rebuilding webs.

Attract Natural Predators To Take Care Of Spiders

Spiders are prey for several small animals and birds. If you try to attract these predators to your property, spider numbers will reduce rather quickly. Invest in bird feeders to hang in areas where you have noticed spiders lurking. Birds will see the spiders when they come to feast upon seeds and they may return to eat spiders when there is no food available in the feeders. Consider adding a bat box to a tree upon your property to attract these nocturnal mammals to assist with spider elimination. Toads, frogs, and shrews also eat spiders, so make sure not to cause these creatures to distress if you come into contact with them so that they continue to live upon your land.