Why Mice Keep Invading Your Home

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Why Mice Keep Invading Your Home

4 August 2022
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Between the cold months of October and February, mice seek to enter homes in search of shelter and food. If you keep encountering mice inside your home, then swift action is needed. Mice can spread disease and germs, and cause damage to electrical wiring, furniture, and insulation.

Mice are scavengers, so they'll continue to return to your home until you can find out what is attracting them, and how they are getting into your home.

Your yard has an abundance of food 

The first thing that attracts mice to a yard is food. Mice can feast on many types of food that you might find in an average yard. If you have fruit trees, fallen fruit and seeds will attract mice. Pet food is also another food that can feed a family of mice. And bird feeders are a favorite source of food for mice. All of these types of food will encourage mice to nest in your yard.

Clear up fallen fruit, remove all traces of pet food after feeding your pets, and invest in rodent-proof bird feeders. And don't forget water sources. Try to eliminate sources of standing water. If you have a pond, cover the pond with netting to prevent mice from drinking from it.

Your landscaping allows mice to hide as they explore

A yard with an abundance of bushes allows mice to travel unseen. And if you have bushes or shrubs along the foundation of your home, mice will use those bushes to search the walls of your home for cracks or holes without being seen.

Leave a clear strip of land between your home and your garden to deprive mice of the cover they need to move toward your home.

Objects near your home provide a bridge to your home

Mice are extremely nimble creatures. For instance, mice can jump one foot into the air. They can also climb objects that provide them with plenty of footholds. If you have any objects, such as firewood, bins, or even garden tools resting against the walls of your home, move them somewhere else. Otherwise, mice can use them to gain access to windows and vents.

Your home's exterior has one or more tiny entry points          

Mice need only a tiny hole to gain access to your home. If there are any cracks along your home's foundation, windows, or doors, these could allow mice to enter your home. Check the holes where pipes and wires enter your home too. If you can squeeze your finger into the gap around wiring or piping, a mouse can enter using that gap. You need to seal cracks and gaps with caulk or wire mesh.

Are mice running around inside your home? Call a pest control service. This service can remove your mouse problem and help you to find out why mice keep getting into your home.

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